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Sony Reader attempts a cultural revolution

dave farrow sony reader
dave farrow sony reader

Dave Farrow Sony ReaderThere’s been a general decline in reading in the US, particularly among young people. How do you combat that? Well, if you’re Sony you offer to donate eBooks to schools, while a David Blaine-style world record holder sits in a bookstore window.

Come again? Yes, Sony is beginning an extended “read-in” with two-time world record-holder Dave Farrow, who will sit in a Manhattan storefront reading digital books on the Sony Reader
around the clock for 30 days.

For each page he reads, Sony will provide an eBook library of 100 classic titles to a school or learning institution.

The goal is to give 15 million eBook titles by the end of the program. The first 100 schools to start downloading their selected classic titles will also receive an education pack of five Reader Digital Books.

Sony said it was spearheading the so-called ‘Reader Revolution’ to "spark the imaginations of young readers and engage the public in digital reading".

“Young people are spending great deal of time interacting with digital content online and on portable devices,” said Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics’ chief marketing officer.

“With the latest technology, we now have the opportunity to offer books in a digital form that will capture their imaginations with literature just as we’ve done with movies, music, and games.” 

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