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Xbox 360 iPhone games on the cards?

apple iphone
apple iphone

apple_iphone.jpgThe new
head of Microsoft Games Studios, Phil Spencer, has laid heavy hints
that Xbox 360 titles could be extended to iPhones in the near future.

Talking to
Official Xbox 360 Magazine, Spencer discussed how the PC/Xbox 360
game Shadowrun was but the start of bigger plans.

us… maybe Shadowrun proved it. In order for cross platform
play to really work, we need to have a reason why it makes sense, why
it’s a part of that game. I don’t want to just shoehorn a feature
into a game because we can and Shadowrun was a little bit of

done things like the pub games in Fable, which aren’t cross
platform but it’s playing an arcade game, building currency that
works for you in the Fable game. You could imagine doing that
from another device as well," he said.

wouldn’t be the first time two companies have joined forces in
this way – Sega’s Dreamcast happily linked up with SNK’s
NeoGeo Pocket back at the start of the decade, but the latter never
really took off outside of Japan (or that much in Japan, to be frank)
and most gamers didn’t get to experience the peculiar joy of
mashing two disparate machines together for extra gaming joy. With
the combined financial weight of Microsoft and Apple, the Xbox 360/iPhone
team-up seems a lot more likely to take off.

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