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Apple plans access to iTunes from anywhere

apple iphone 3g
apple iphone 3g

apple_iphone_3g.jpgIn the future you won’t need to store all your music in your iTunes
folder on your iPod or iPhone as it turns out that the company has
patented a way of streaming your music over the airwaves to your mp3

At the moment if you have a large collection of music but a small
amount of storage on, say, you iPod nano, you have to pick and choose
which tracks will accompany you on your journey to work. And let’s face
it, that 8GB iPhone isn’t nearly big enough to store everything.

The new method would see the device only storing the metadata, which
accounts for one per cent of the file size, the rest would stream over
the internet.

According to  this article from Apple Insider, a new version of the iPhone software would increase many times the storage capacity of the mobile phone.

"As a result, the user perceives that the virtual media items may be
available on the [the media player]," Apple said. "In this manner, the
virtual capacity of an electronic device may be increased."

Alternatiively, iPods and iPhones could talk to each other in the same way the differently successful Microsoft Zune does.

"This type of communication can be referred to as peer-to-peer
interaction. In this regard, one mobile device can communicate directly
with another mobile device" or " to a plurality of other mobile
devices," Apple said. "In the peer-to-peer environment, one mobile
device can communicate with one or more other electronic devices
(whether mobile or stationary) in the immediate vicinity. Data sharing
can be performed when such communication is available."

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