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Book your flight on your iPhone

3g iphone
3g iphone

3g_iphone.pngIf you are one of the lucky ones that managed somehow against expectations to get hold of an iPhone then you are probably thinking you now deserve a holiday! British Airways has come up with an iPhone application that lets you check its flights in real-time.

 The application allows users of the Jesus Phone to book flights, access
flight schedules, and find out times of flight departures and arrivals.

This sort of thing wouldn’t have been
possible when the first iPhone came out as Apple didn’t allow third
party apps as it does now.

According to BA you can now save your favourite flights so you can
check up on their progress. The airline reckons its the first airline
to develop an iPhone application.

information officer for British Airways, Paul Coby, said: "The iPhone
is revolutionising mobile communications and allows us to provide
instant access to arrivals and departures information which will
enhance the experience of travelling with BA.

always seeking to improve the service our customers enjoy by the smart
use of innovative technology and the iPhone is a fantastic way to
achieve this."

Other companies, such as Salesforce.com and low-cost call provider Truphone are also launching apps for the iPhone this week.

The app is available to download for free via the phone’s iTunes app.
That’s something to do while you are waiting for your luggage to arrive
in Terminal 5.