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Review: Evesham 32-inch Alqemi VX HD Ready TV


Evesham Alqemi 32-inch HD Ready TVWhen you’re looking around for a TV, former PC manufacturer Evesham probably wouldn’t be your first choice of brand. But the company’s stylish Alqemi range is worth pausing on – especially if this is going to be your first foray into the high-def market.

It’s the price that astounds the most. A 32-inch HD Ready TV sitting on a shelf labelled £399 might raise the question, “What’s wrong with it?” After all, higher price means higher quality, right? Wrong.

One of the best things about the Evesham Alqemi VX is that it doesn’t look like it should have blue Tesco Value lines running across it. In fact, the usual response we got from visitors was “Nice telly…”

That low-end outlay doesn’t mean the VX skimps on the number of available connections, though. As well as two hi-def HDMI slots, there’s room for two Scart leads, an S-VHS or Composite input and the means to connect your PC .

Those ports are a little fiddly to reach at the back as they sit under the lip. However, the choice available means once you set up your entertainment kit you shouldn’t need to switch connections in and out too often.

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The television also comes with a DVB-T Freeview receiver and this pulled in the full range of channels – something we’ve had trouble with from other Freeview kit thanks to a less-than-perfect aerial connection. The 8W speakers running down the sides of the screen are also ample for the home if you don’t have a dedicated sound system.

Like most hi-def TVs, the VX does have the unfortunate result of showing up how rubbish standard definition channels are. This is particularly true during football matches, with all the pixelated green on show. That is reduced for HD content, but some noise is retained on similar shots.

However, Evesham says the Alqemi VX boasts an eight-millisecond response time, reducing “smearing” on fast action scenes. Certainly in our experience fast-moving images were reproduced with barely any ghosting.

Overall, if you’re thinking about getting your first foothold in the HD arena, look no further. With the picture quality, the amount of connections and the 32-inches of screen, this is definitely a recommended buy.

Verdict: 9/10