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Is a new iPod on the cards?

ipod2006 video
ipod2006 video

ipod2006_video.jpgAccording to various rumours circulating the internet, the iPod could soon be getting a slight makeover in October.

Some crazy people with more time on their hands than know what to do
with have mocked up pictures on a next-generation iPod Nano. The
pictures show a shortened version of the desirable mp3 player with a
very small screen. The picture were supposedly not the real deal,
according to website PC World (not the UK PC retailer PC World)  and Apple's legal eagles made Engadget, who supposedly ran the photos, remove them. It's all a bit strange, don't you think!

Of course, the release of the new iPods would be very timely. October
sees the release of the latest Apple operating system OS X Leopard
(grrrr!). Also milling around the internet is the rumour that iPods
will be based on OS X (according to AppleInsider) and a full-length screen on an iPod a la iPhone. Yummy!

Of course you could always just bling up your exisiting iPod Shuffle with a load of diamonds if you can't wait (and have 15 grand in the bank!)