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Is Apple planning an iPhone nano?


iphone_nano.jpgWhile the US gets to the grips with the reassuringly expensive and
highly desirable iPhone, Apple seems to have got one more thing up
its beautifully crafted sleeve. Plans
for a new iPhone, dubbed "iPhone Nano" are said to have been submitted
to the US patent office and could see yet another wave of excitement
among Apple fanboys and the general public alike.

The documents show pictures of the new device sans touch screen.
Apparently reports suggest that the phone will be smaller, cheaper with
a scroll wheel around the back. The scroll whell will also be touch
sensitive, a light touch and the menu hovers, a firmer push makes a
selection. Analysts reckoned that it could spell the end of the iPod
nano as we know it.

"We believe that the iPod Nano will be converted into a phone because it is
probably the only way for Apple to launch a lower-end phone without severely
cannibalising the iPod Nano," Kevin Chang, a Taiwan-based JP
analyst, told the
Morning Herald

Chang based his opinion on rumours from Taiwanese hardware makers and
the patent application itself. He predicted that the phone would go on sale
for between $499 and $599. While it is predicted that 10m iPhones will
be in the hands of phone users, the iPhone nano could be an even bigger
success. Chang predicted that this new Apple phone would shift 30 to
40m units.

And we haven't even got our hands on the iPhone yet. Please someone send us one!