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Could 3G iPhone be on its way?


apple_iphone_3.jpgThe iPhone has been out now for a while and while many compliment its good looks, others often wonder why Apple missed a trick by only making 2.5G versions of the mobile. According to BetaNews, the critics could be forced to eat their words as rumours are flying around that a 3G iPhone is on the cards. 

article said that with more and more partners in tow, it is becoming
difficult for the Cupertino posse to keep as tight a lid on
developments as they wound like. BetaNews said that at dinner for the Churchill Club in California, seated next to journalists from Forbes and Dow
Jones, AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson said that Apple was working on a
3G model of its phone and it was going to launch next year.

"You’ll have it next year," he said. There
were no other details apart from that. The interesting part of the
rumour is that it did not start on one of the numerous Apple fanboy

Stephenson said that AT&T was a "critical" partner of
Apple. He also added that the iPhone would be the vanguard for a new
business model where  mobiles in the future are sold at a profit rather
than being heavily subsidised by the carriers from the outset. We get
the feeling that we’d still be bound to 18-month contracts, but that’s
us taking the cynical view.

Apple has a target of selling 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008 – a
3G version would certainly help it hit that target. Although the
comments, if true, couldn’t come at a worse time for Apple n the roll
up to Christmas – Everyone will be holding off purchasing the old 2G
version for the shiny new 3G one next year – wouldn’t you?