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Jobs sets iPhones free


Steve JobsRoll up, roll up, get your free iPhone. What do you mean they're selling for $499 (4GB model) or $599 (8GB model)? If you work for Apple, they'll cost as much as nada, nothing, zilch.

In the run up to today's launch Jobs has publicly said that Apple will give every one of the company's 20,000 employees an 8GB iPhone.

At the retail launch price of $599, that comes to a total of $9.98m (£4.97m) in lost sales of the much sought after phone.

People who have been queuing for as long as five days to get their hands on an iPhone might not take too kindly to Jobs' announcement.

But the key missing detail is when exactly staff will get their hands on the devices.

Jobs himself admits there might be supply problems.

"We had to make our best guess as to what the demand was going to be and what supply we were going to put in place many, many months ago," he told the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

"We built factories to build these things and everything. We've taken our best guess but it wouldn't surprise me at all if it ain't enough."