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Haven’t we seen iPhone’s multi-touch feature before?

apple iphone
apple iphone


The iPhone (or whatever it gets called
after the court case) has certainly sparked the interest and
imagination of the public (it even got into UK tabloid the Sun) but
has anyone got any idea how the multi-touch screen will work?

A colleague of mine did a bit of
investigation, after seeing the news reports about iPhone.

"The very nifty two-finger
expand/collapse/zoom touchscreen command on iPhone's pictures
interface … I thought, wow, you know, that's neat, but I swear, I
swear I've seen it before, with a much cleverer and more complex and
brilliant feature set," my colleague told me. "And I looked
around trying to remember where … and fortunately, I found it. Jeff
Han from NYU @ TED conference, 2006."

Here is the video.


If after watching that demo, you still
don't want one, maybe you should seek professional help.